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Now Available!

Do you know who you are?
There are so many messages about identity. How do we know what is true?
Join the expedition of discovering the very best you!
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Clear and Bright Books

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind...Romans 12:2

"Becoming Me"


What's Inside?

• 31 Devotions

 exploring Identity
31+ DIY/object lessons 

•    Real evidence for  faith
  Resources for defending God’s Word 
•    Bonus pages to solve
•  Illustrations you can color! 

This book is NOT another book about trying to be good.

"Becoming Me" is an invitation to know 

God as a real person and experience His life and power in your life. 

Begin your expedition with

"Becoming Me"

See the incredible identity God has given you.

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How has, Becoming Me
affected you?

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My Story

It has always been my dream to be an author. But it didn't happen as I  expected.

For many years, I struggled to be the person I knew I should be but could never quite become. Longing to know God, I desperately tried to please Him. But I always fell short.


 God was not sitting around as I tried to reach Him. He was very near to me and working in me to show me how He sees me.

The journey of healing turned out to be experiencing Who He is.

As God transforms me, I am discoverning who I was created to be. 

When I began writing as a teen. I never imagined my first book would include the story of my own transfromation, but God knew. 

 God is all about relationship. Given the chance, He'll use our hardest experiences to show us His goodness. 

That's what He's done in me so I can share it with you.

With love,




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