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Clara was an early childhood educator for 13 years and has ministered to children for over 25 years.  

She is pleased to release her first children's book, Becoming Me, where she encourages girls to know God and the incredible identity He has spoken over their lives.

Clara resides in North Idaho. Always at home in the outdoors, she enjoys sports of all kinds, DIY and animals.

Kids in Church


Clear and Bright Books is about reaching youth

with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and discipling those who have a relationship with Jesus.

We believe that Christianity is all about a knowing God.


We experience freedom as we come to know God's identity and our identity and no longer find our identity in what we do, what others say about us or what we've experienced. 

Our goal is to introduce kids to the God who desires to be involved in every part of their lives.

We Believe

The Bible can be trusted as the Word of God. 

God exists as One in 3 Persons The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, equally God with different roles. 

Jesus died, was buried and rose from the dead.

Jesus is God's Son. He is alive today! 

Salvation is found only through Him by repentance  (choosing His way vs. ours) and faith. 

The Holy Spirit is active in the lives of believers today. We can experience God through the baptism of the Holy Spirit and being filled with His Presence daily in our lives.

God is the giver of Identity.

He is a gentle loving Father who longs to walk with us.

God wants us to know His identity. 

We can become who He created us to be as we draw close and say yes to Him. 

When we know Him we can experience our identity as well.

Smiling Girl with Book
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